Teacher student relationship should be friendly

In general a teacher is teaching well to a student, that student would never want to miss his teacher. He would be interested to communicate all his upgrading to the teacher as and when it is required. There would not be any exam tension for a student, if the student is close with the teacher. The reason is the teacher would be always guiding the students focusing to the exams. The exams would be easier to the student if the student is able to understand all the lessons. In schools all the lessons are important, but the student is interested in learning only wished lessons and obtaining marks from well known lessons. The management is checking all the teachers frequently and also the student’s progress. The student progress is very important for the management. In case the teacher is well versed in teaching all the lessons, this reflects to the students. All the students in the class would be able to answer to all the lessons, which is more important. Now this Core Learn’s Teacher Professional Learning Programs is available for all the teachers. Once the teacher is learning how to teach all the students without differentiating the students that teacher would be highlighted by the students and as well as by the management. The management would be quite happy if all the students are able to score well in the main exam, of course it is a duty of the teacher to conduct monthly test. During the monthly test it could be understandable the student is able to learn the lesson or lacking in the lessons. The lessons would be easy to all the students, only if the teacher teaches the lessons in the good manner.


Teaching is an art many teachers do not understand this art, of course if the teacher is able to understand how to teach and what way to teach, a teacher would not be committing any mistake in teaching. This is the reason in many schools the supervisor is checking only the teachers. Of course the supervisor would be asking some questions to the students and point out the mistake. At times the mistake with the student, who is absent to the class for many days such student would be warned by the management. At the same time, if the teacher is committing mistake in teaching lessons teacher would be advised how to teach better.

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