Mining Solutions to Minimise Environmental Strain

Not all mines are created equal, and even if they are not all mining solutions are the same. Some are more successful at minimising the effect of materials released while retrieving precious metals, coal or whatever the mine’s aim might be to find and sell.

The Effect of Mining on its Surroundings

The truth about mining is that even when done as effectively as possible, with extensive specialist mining studies completed before hand and implementing mining solutions for reduced pollution, mines do damage their surroundings. However, the extent of toxins, destruction and disruption can be significantly reduced with the right mining solutions put in place.

People may consider the disruption caused by mining to be solely due to the building of a mine and digging into the earth. The reality of opening mines in Africa, and especially in South Africa’s history, is that the mine completely changes the way an environment is used.

History tends to repeat itself and Johannesburg became the bustling hub it is today due to extended mining activities. It saw people flock to the mines in the thousands and the city was built around it. Starting a mine requires homes and facilities for workers and can have as drastic an impact on an environment as the establishment of a city. People effect the environment in turn and their residential activities add to the environmental disruption through the building of homes, services and entertainment centres.

When you see what effect a mine can have on a location and the way it attracts people like moths to a flame, in search of employment opportunities, one can understand why it has such a profound effect on everything around it.

Common Pollutants from Mines

The problem with mining solutions is that even if they cater to the pollutants from mines as they occur they can often neglect the lingering influences of said toxins. In the past this has meant coal fires that burn for decades, constantly releasing toxic chemicals. This can cause a mine to do more damage than good.

It is not unheard of for mines to lose investors when a mine isn’t bringing in enough revenue and doing more permanent damage than is worth continuing with. This requires a mine turnaround strategy to salvage whatever possible and mining solutions to be implemented as a means of damage control.

For specialist mining studies before committing to a mine, mining solutions for any issues that may arise or mine turnaround strategies to salvage a failing mine, contact us at Ukwazi.

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